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For submission to the authorities - your certified translation

Court interpreters deal with the translation of your documents.

The translations are deemed to be legally binding and are accepted by authorities and offices.

The network of the Technical Translation Agency covers non-European languages as well as European languages.

Whether this is a court judgement or birth certificate

Have your documents translated by our court certified experts

A certified translation is primarily required for important documents, including court judgements, certificates, birth certificates, driving licences, contracts or commercial register extracts. However, these are just a few examples; authorities can also request other documents in a legally valid translation. This is always the case if the original documents were drafted in a different language, maybe because you went to school in a different country, got married or founded a company. This service is used both by trades people and private persons.

Certified translation of the Technical Translation Agency
Presentation of a certified translation
Court certificate

Certified translation by sworn interpreters

A corresponding feel for the language and technical knowledge are not sufficient to be allowed to prepare certified translations. This job can only be taken on if the translator has been certified and sworn by a court. The translation of such an expert who has personally taken an oath before the court is deemed to be legally binding if this includes the additional previously described elements. This may include a signature and an appropriate seal.

For certified translations

Quality, reliability and confidentiality are our strengths

Your translation is in safe hands with the Technical Translation Agency. We do not need any original documents for the work, rather a clearly readable copy is completely sufficient. Our network covers court-licensed translators for numerous European languages and also for rarer language pairs which go beyond the boundaries of the continent. Since many of them have been working as interpreters for many years, we can ensure a high textual quality.

Our advantages

  • Over 35 years‘ experience

  • Translation of thousands of technical translations per year

  • Large team of experienced technical translators

  • All languages from a single source

  • All technical areas
  • Prompt delivery times
  • First-class quality
  • Favourable price
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