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Since 1984 our company has grown to become one of the largest patent translation agencies in Europe. We translate thousands of patents per year into all languages of the world and in almost all patent classes and this trend is increasing rapidly. With our patent translations we therefore cover the entire range of patent affairs and intellectual property.

Our philosophy for success

Quality at fair prices

A patent can form the basis of a business idea and therefore for the success of the company. A patent translation must be absolutely solid in the legal sense and cannot allow any room for interpretation. At the same time, it is potentially necessary that the patent covers various eventualities so that competitors cannot act similarly. In addition, there are many differences specific to the country, possibly in relation to the forms used. In Europe the procedure is specified by the European Patent Convention.

We are proud to have been offering high-quality work at fair prices for almost 40 years. It is important to us that our clients are informed of the costs at all times. We therefore provide a non-binding offer at a fixed price without any hidden costs.

From analysis of the patent to timely delivery

Step by step for high-quality patent translations

Whether it be medicine, engineering or electronics: a patent translator should not only have an understanding of the legal situation in the respective country but also an in-depth basic knowledge of the appropriate technical field. He must comprehensively understand the new product or method in order to be able to carry out a sound translation.
We begin with a thorough analysis of the patent and select a suitable translator. We translate carefully and pay attention to accuracy of content and linguistic nuances. Each translation is proof read. Finally the text is formatted and laid out and we ensure a timely delivery. If desired, we can readily provide a so-called Translator’s Certificate.

Our advantages

  • Almost 40 years’ experience in patent affairs

  • Translation of thousands of patents per year
  • Large team of experienced patent translators
  • All languages from a single source
  • All technical areas
  • Prompt delivery times
  • First-class quality
  • Favourable price
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