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Software translation – prepare Apps, games and Co. in several languages

Experienced translators pay attention to the smallest details so that your software can be an international success.

Translation of various texts and formulations for applications, software solutions and accompanying material.

All information is treated by our team in the strictest confidence and with great care.

Software for an international public

An incorrect software translation risks your international reputation

Anyone who has a smartphone or computer does it: downloading and using software. For most users it is basically irrelevant where and in which language the application was developed. However, if the formulations in the mother tongue are incorrect, ambiguous or even misleading, the integrity of the offer suffers. For a software translation you should not take any risks but rely on professionals. Our translators at the Technical Translation Agency who have specialized in Software and IT have extensive technical knowledge and comprehensive experience.

IT and software translations
IT and software translations
Unlock potential by enlarging the market

Localize software and open up new target groups

Those involved in the development of software who have successfully made a breakthrough in the home market should consider a translation and localization. The latter means the preparation of the application in various languages and for different countries. This opens up new target groups, creates familiarity and can enormously increase product distribution.

Depending on the type of software, there are various translation services to consider. These include descriptions, instructions, App contents, download aids, user handbooks and even individual buttons. We offer a complete concept for the successful localization of your application in the area of software translation. Naturally we treat the information you provide to us in the strictest confidence.

Details make the difference

Cultural features and linguistic specifics for optimal results

The field of software localization is significantly more complex than many other fields which also require translation. The linguistic transfer whether into English, French, Spanish or Chinese is one factor but an optimal result depends on many other factors. The volume of speech would be one that can differ substantially. The length of individual formulations varies substantially according to language but must act consistently on buttons. The same applies to cultural features or prevailing views in the target market and whether the contents, possibly in the gaming profession need to be adapted to these. Textual specifics such as dimensional units and time information are also considered in a professional translation.

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