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In the course of expansion

Website translation: reach people all over the world with a multilingual website!

Is your product or your service interesting for people beyond the national boundaries? In this case, there are a number of details to consider which can drive an expansion. Since the website of a company can be retrieved in the World Wide Web all over the world where there is a network connection, you should make it accessible in several languages. In this context English is the first means of choice. Naturally, depending on the target group and the distribution area, many other languages are also suitable and we will be pleased to advise you on this in the course of a website translation. Even if you are not planning an expansion into other countries, a translation can be appropriate.

Translate website
Translate website
Convincing rather than off-putting!

Incorrect website translations are a no-go

A search of the web reveals numerous tools and providers advertising automatic website translations. At first glance this seems great, the text is translated in a very short time and at a cheap price. In most cases however, the result is really disillusioning. The translation contains errors and if there are no native speakers in the company, this is frequently not picked up. Interested and potential customers see this as untrustworthy and in the worst case are discouraged from making contact. A professional translation of your texts by trained translators is always a good investment.

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Website translation? That is the key.

A website is no longer merely a collection of texts and images in the net. The technical possibilities are extensive and can additionally influence the success of the appearance. In a translation search machine optimization should also play a role and keywords, backlinks, outlining and structures should be retained. Many current providers of content management systems enable texts to be downloaded via an export plugin which can be provided directly to the translator. However, the sensitivity for the particular language cannot replace the technology. Along with perfect orthography, our copywriters also pay attention to cultural features of the particular target language.

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