Professional translators

Why our technical translators are the best choice for your projects

When the translation of technical documents is concerned, our clients rely on our experienced and qualified technical translators. Our Agency only works with native speakers who not only have exceptional linguistic knowledge but also have in-depth technical knowledge in their respective technical field. As a result of our strict selection criteria and the individual care of our translators, we guarantee uncompromising quality in all phases of the translation process.

Translations in the media industry, communication and videos

High-quality translations

Our translators are native speakers who live in the target country and have in-depth knowledge of the particular technical field. We are therefore sure that the translations are linguistically and technically correct.

Punctuality and reliability

Our clients appreciate our absolute punctuality and reliability, especially in regard to deadlines in patent affairs. We do our utmost to fulfil your wishes, even with short deadlines.

IT and software translations

Confidentiality & confidentiality clause

In all our translations we place great emphasis on confidentiality and ensure that your texts are treated absolutely confidentially. You can rest assured that your information is in safe hands with us.