International Standard

Quality assurance from A to Z

We provide quality assurance in all phases, starting from making the offer as far as delivery of the translation. Here we are guided by the international standards where it is not exclusively about translations by native speakers but also about data security, seamless sequence in project management, database care, further training etc.


Principles of our quality assurance


Strict secrecy is a matter of course for us. We work with secured data transmission and if desired, also with encryption.

Fixed prices

As a result of exact price fixing and price transparency there are no extra payments for you. We provide free and non-binding offers.

Timely delivery

We know all about deadlines and we make every effort to adhere to these. Your translated product is therefore delivered absolutely on time.

Client-specific glossaries

Translation Memories

The application and care of terminology databases specific to the company is playing an increasingly important role in the translation process. Our translators therefore use the current translation memory systems to create databases for each individual client. These client-specific glossaries then assist in extensive jobs or jobs which occur frequently. This means consistency in the texts, stylistic uniformity, increased quality and increased productivity.

Another advantage for you is the large number of translators who work permanently for us, insofar as we assign you your own personal regular translator for regular work. They are familiar with your specific requirements and this makes it possible to achieve stylistic and terminological consistency in your texts.


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