Technical translations for medicine and pharmaceuticals

Translations in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals by experienced native speakers

In the fields of medicine and pharmacy country boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred – doctors work in international research groups and present the results in technical publications to the whole world. Medicaments are developed in one place and are at best available everywhere around the globe. All these are positive developments for which various translation services are required. Terminology and stylistics must be translated perfectly since nothing less than the health of man is involved. We have been preparing translations for our clients for almost 40 years and have been able to build up first-class expertise in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals among others.

Translations in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals
Whether research results or brochures

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Experience shows that translations for medicine and pharmaceuticals are very diverse. Scientific works, technical publications and research reports are among the contents in which knowledge and the latest findings are reproduced in various languages. Other aspects are technical and pharmaceutical texts, possibly handbooks for medical devices or package leaflets for medicaments. You can readily imagine that with such contents even minor errors can have serious consequences. Our translators not only have comprehensive technical knowledge but also integrate consistent terminology appropriate to the subject in their work to achieve a high text quality.

Translations in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals

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